The CDT Annual Report 2015 now published

CDT's Annual Report 2015 is now available on our website

Explore our activities, results and be inspired! Innovation and gender related initiatives including GENOVATE are highlighted on several pages (see page 12, 18-19, 33).

Centre for Distance-spanning Technology (CDT) at LuleƄ University of Technology (LTU) is a research, design and innovation joint venture between the core partners, LuleƄ University of Technology and the IT industry. CDT has an extensive network covering private and public sectors, multinational enterprises and SMEs as well as academia and non-profit organisations. Gender mainstreaming at CDT started in 2008 to enhance innovation. CDT's innovation and gender platform supports staff and CDT partners with gender expertise, tailored tools, methods, best practices and consultation. CDT collaborate with 150 national and international partners meaning that CDT can make difference not only in our institution but in a wider context.