Networking in the ICT2015 Conference in Lisbon

The ICT2015 in Lisbon in October 20-22, 2015 attracted 6 000 participants. In the conference organised by the European Commission GENOVATE results, gender mainstreaming tools and methods were discussed in F2F meetings and networking events. LTU highlighted the OPTi project as a good example on how the project integrates a gender dimension in its core activities:

OPTi - Optimization of District Heating and Cooling (DHC) systems

The OPTi project aspires to create a long-lasting impact by rethinking the way DHC systems are architected and controlled. The overarching goal is to create business benefit for the industry as well as to ensure optimal end-consumer satisfaction. “With a user-centric design, we will contribute to next-generation District Heating & Cooling systems”.

Through a gender perspective the OPTi project aims to enhance creativity and innovation. The project’s ambition is to integrate a gender perspective in decision-making, communication and end-user participation. The project will strive for gender distribution when selecting users for field trials. The aim is to try to understand men and women’s need s and behavior to enhance the quality and relevance of the system. The project will pay special attention to how to communicate with consumers and how to motivate end-user participation and consumer interaction. The project’s ambition is also to achieve widest possible dissemination of the materials and assets generated by OPTi.