A new working group on Cultures and Diversity established in EARMA

The kick-off meeting of a new working group on cultures and diversity in research management and administration was held on November 25, 2015 with Susi Poli (Italy), Olaf Svenningsen (Denmark) and Paula Wennberg (Sweden) as proposers. EARMA (European Association of Research Managers and Administrators) is one of the GENOVATE stakeholder organizations. We also submitted an abstract to the EARMA annual conference 2016 in LuleƄ.

The objectives of the new working group (WG CD) are

- to gain an understanding of the effects and impacts of cultures and how to cope with these

- to share cultures within the ERA

- to valorise differences in research and in the practice of research management

- to create value through cultural and gender awareness

- to be prepared for possible and/or likely future cultural clashes/challenges