How to achieve more inclusive working environment in the datacenter industry

The FUI - datacenters project at LuleƄ University of Technology, Sweden aims to create a world leading region for datacenter establishments. This project has focus on development of the datacenter industry, based on the regional datacenter strategy that has been developed for the Northern Sweden. As women are still not choosing tech careers it limits the pool of qualified people available and this is one of the drivers of the project to strive for a more inclusive working environment in the datacenter industry.

The first action to integrate gender dimension in the project's core activities is the establishment of a gender-balanced management team with diverse competencies. The project has virtual bi-weekly management team meetings and once a month the management team meets face-to-face. Gender dimension is an agenda item at all meetings. Among other things the project focus on inclusive communication and the gender and diversity are addressed when carrying out interviews with companies. FUI is one of several ongoing initiatives at the university when trying to integrate gender dimension into the design, process, content and implementation of research and innovation.