GEAP's implementation:

genovate official siteThe GENOVATE Community is a platform which enables GENOVATE partners to share institutional information and case studies, and facilitates the coordination of a buddy system for bench learning.

The GENOVATE Community consist of seven GENOVATE partner institutions; the GENOVATE International Advisory Board; key strategic collaborators and stakeholders and the general public. It is a mechanism designed to facilitate meaningful knowledge exchange across the community at local, national and international levels within each of the partner institutions’ countries, across Europe and globally.

How to integrate gender dimension in research projects and funding applications

The seminar on a gender and equal opportunities perspective in research projects and funding applications with Paula Wennberg, LTU as invited speaker brought together 25 participants from diverse disciplines of Uppsala University. Åsa Cajander, associate professor of human-computer interaction, the organiser of the seminar on February 29, 2016 has a role of the gender equality officer at the university.

- Funding organisations such as Vinnova, VR and Forte now require a gender and equal opportunities perspective.  When applying for funding we hence need to describe how we incorporate gender and equal opportunities in the project work, such as in tests. We also need to describe how the project team from a gender and the equal opportunities perspective, and also the contribution of the mix of gender, ethnic and cultural diversity. One should note that the assessment of the applications is based on the strength of the gender and equal opportunities perspective in the project description. In this seminar we will discuss how to set up projects that are strong from a gender and equal opportunities perspective, and we will be provided with concrete examples of such project descriptions.

Improve gender-based analysis in EU research

Very much in line with the LTU team's Gender Equality Action Plan strategy, we integrate gender dimension into the design, process, content and implementation of research and innovation.

- The League of European Research Universities (LERU) launched a new advice paper on the topic "Gendered Research and Innovation: Integrating sex and gender analysis into the research process" in Brussels. The report shows how gendered research and innovation, or GRI, is an under-recognised issue, which too often is not incorporated into the design, process, content and implementation of research.

Professor Simone Buitendijk, vice-rector magnificus of the Universiteit Leiden, a steering group member of the LERU Gender Working Group and main author of the report, says: “Gendered Research and Innovation [GRI] matters; it goes beyond gender equality, it is about the design, content and validity of research. Our paper is part of a growing awareness that GRI is essential to face global challenges. The major problems facing our world cannot be addressed without comprehensive, multi-disciplinary, evidence-based research which includes GRI.”


The Persona method

Yesterday’s Persona workshop at Centre of Distance-spanning Technology (CDT) discussed, analysed and illustrated results of the focus group, interviews and value exercises carried out between October and November 2015 at LTU. The aim of workshop, facilitated by Eva Källhammer, was to gain more knowledge and deeper understanding about the culture climate change at LTU regarding gender equality. Persona is also one of the methods and tools we use to promote the ownership of the change process which is a key success factor when striving for sustainable change of structures and culture of the university. LTU Advisory Board members, HR and staff of CDT and the Computer Science Department attended this two-hour workshop.

An innovative way of increasing gender-awareness

GenderRapid100 mg - 18 pills for preventing gender discrimination

-To achieve the desired effect conscious choices should be made. See the leaflet inside the packet of pills for active substances, potential side-effects and additional information. Hold gender equality within sight and reach of everyone.

The unit for Gender Equality at Norrbotten County Council, uses many kinds of methods to promote gender equality. The County Council in the Northern Sweden which is governed by county residents through general elections has about 7 500 employees in health care, dental care and education.

Action Research for Democracy

A new book published with Routledge in November 2015: Action Research for Democracy. New Ideas and perspectives from Scandinavia. A couple of chapters especially deal with gender-mainstreaming. Edited by Ewa Gunnarsson, Luleå University of Technology et al.

-This book addresses the potentials and challenges for Action Research supporting democratic alternatives. It offers a broad spectrum of examples from Scandinavian Action Research showing different openings towards democratic development.The book offers a basis for theoretical as well as practical oriented discussions and critical reflections within the field of Action Research and related research orientations, involving a wide range of actors.

Read more on the Routledge website

How to enhance workplace diversity?

At today’s staff meeting the Head of the Department of Computer Science, Electrical and Space Engineering welcomes a new PhD student, Angelica Brusell. She has been recruited into the LTU’s PhD program of control engineering. The male dominance in the ICT sector in European countries is well known and although we have a long way to go before we achieve gender-balance in ICT we don’t give up. Today we took a small step forward. Welcome Angelica Brusell!