GEAP's implementation:

genovate official siteThe GENOVATE Community is a platform which enables GENOVATE partners to share institutional information and case studies, and facilitates the coordination of a buddy system for bench learning.

The GENOVATE Community consist of seven GENOVATE partner institutions; the GENOVATE International Advisory Board; key strategic collaborators and stakeholders and the general public. It is a mechanism designed to facilitate meaningful knowledge exchange across the community at local, national and international levels within each of the partner institutions’ countries, across Europe and globally.

Gender dimension in the EARMA training program

The EARMA Certificate in Research Management is part of a suite of three professional work based qualifications, which also includes the Certificate in Research Administration and the Certificate in Research Leadership.

Regarding research management the professional qualification requires students to complete five mandatory and one optional unit. One of the mandatory units is Gender and Diversity Module in Research Management. The first Gender and Diversity workshop was carried out on February 29, 2016 in Brussels. Evelina Brännvall, Research funding specialist at Luleå University of Technology and Esther Philips, Grant Advisor at Leiden University participate in the certificate programme with ten other European colleagues.

What did you learn from the gender and diversity workshop?

-I would say that this EARMA Workshop made me to change my own views on the Gender and Diversity aspects. I have got insights how Gender and Diversity can be more and better incorporated into the projects. Because of this workshop, I became more curious to dive into the Gender and Diversity aspects of the project proposals and support my researchers not only to pull together a well gender balances Consortium, but also to look extra at the project research content and the impact it makes to both women and men of different age, cultural backgrounds and etc. I also realized how still little is known about Gender and Diversity issues and that we as Research Managers and Administrators can play an important role supporting researchers to integrate it and make it well embedded into research. Evelina Brännvall, Luleå University of Technology, Sweden

-Besides the happy event to meet up with my buddies, forming a quite diverse group when it comes to gender, culture and scientific disciplines we support, the workshop was very inspiring. The most important thing I took home was the impact gender can have on the research content, also where you don’t expect gender and/or diversity to be of direct influence. So, after completing my assignment I will continue working on this issue. I will look into available tools more thoroughly after which I intend to prepare a short presentation for the researchers at the Institute of Environmental Sciences to encourage them to adjust their mindset when it comes to gender and diversity issues. Esther Philips, Leiden University, the Netherlands

EARMA (European Association for Research Managers and Administrators) is engaged in GENOVATE as a collaborator and stakeholder organisation.

The Persona method

Yesterday’s Persona workshop at Centre of Distance-spanning Technology (CDT) discussed, analysed and illustrated results of the focus group, interviews and value exercises carried out between October and November 2015 at LTU. The aim of workshop, facilitated by Eva Källhammer, was to gain more knowledge and deeper understanding about the culture climate change at LTU regarding gender equality. Persona is also one of the methods and tools we use to promote the ownership of the change process which is a key success factor when striving for sustainable change of structures and culture of the university. LTU Advisory Board members, HR and staff of CDT and the Computer Science Department attended this two-hour workshop.

GENOVATE-UNINA @ FUTURO REMOTO Science Festival in Naples

GENOVATE-UNINA has participated to the 29th edition of FUTURO REMOTO, a popular Science Festival sponsored by Città della Scienza (a renowned Naples-based Foundation promoting scientific knowledge and public access to science), to give visibility to the GENOVATE project and to women researchers in academia.


Value Exercises - a workshop on promoting gender equality

Next step after the GENOVATE focus group and interviews in October at LTU was planned to be a workshop on value exercises which took place on November 10, 2015 and was facilitated by Eva Källhammer. Value exercises expose our norms and values, while at the same time provide an open space for making people conscious, understand and change behaviours and attitudes. The results of the focus group, interviews and workshop will be illustrated by the Persona method and discussed in a final workshop in 2016.

Building knowledge together

At Centre for Distance-spanning Technology we yesterday carried out a focus group in order to gain more knowledge about the culture climate change at LTU regarding gender equality. We use collaborative processes and participatory methods in our workshops to enable the sharing of knowledge and experiences between gender researchers and participants. This focus group is one of the activities when striving for a more innovative organisational development and change process at our university.

-Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success. (Henry Ford)