GEAP's implementation:

genovate official siteThe GENOVATE Community is a platform which enables GENOVATE partners to share institutional information and case studies, and facilitates the coordination of a buddy system for bench learning.

The GENOVATE Community consist of seven GENOVATE partner institutions; the GENOVATE International Advisory Board; key strategic collaborators and stakeholders and the general public. It is a mechanism designed to facilitate meaningful knowledge exchange across the community at local, national and international levels within each of the partner institutions’ countries, across Europe and globally.

Career Center, LTU’s stakeholders in Genovate

LTU Career change their name today to the Career Center. They celebrate the launch with university staff and students, companies and public organisations. This great opportunity to network ended with a panel discussion about "Future labor market - basic industry meets the digital industry".



Teacher collaboration between Genovate partners

Alexandra Brazinova at Trnava University (TU) teaching physiotherapy students of Luleå University of Technology (LTU) online. Today’s lecture cover topics like current health issues, health indicators, the ROMA Health Mediators project and gender equality.

For more information, contact Agneta Larsson, LTU the examiner of the course in Physiotherapy, Health promotion perspective from the individual to society


Women and ICT in Africa and the Middle East

- Based on analyses from twenty-one research teams in fourteen countries, this book explores what it takes to wield the emancipatory potential of ICT. The case-studies never fail to arouse curiosity, though some chapters are a little short, writes Morgane Colleau.

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Promoting inclusion and gender equality

A good example from Spotify

-There’ve been many efforts during the past few years to raise awareness of gender equality in the IT industry. But it’s been slow progress – and we don’t like slow! So we decided to do things differently. Instead of just hoping to achieve gender equality, we made it a requirement for the hackathon “Diversify”.

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Participatory Research in Practice and Theory

A paper on the challenges of the researcher-participant relationship in the Genovate project was presented by Paula Wennberg and discussed in today’s workshop. This final two-day workshop on Participatory Research in Practice and Theory conducted by Ewa Gunnarsson and Malin Lindberg at Luleå University of Technology, Sweden attracted 12 participants. The workshop is part of a seminar series that brings together a wide range of people from across the university to gain a deeper understanding of how joint research processes can be implemented in close collaboration between researchers and surrounding society.

Gender equality in academic supervision

The training programme for new associate professors and supervisors at Luleå University of Technology covers different areas including gender equality. On December 2, 2014 gender equality interventions, lack of women professors, recruitment processes etc were discussed with 20 participants after the talk of the dean of the Faculty of Science and Technology.