GEAP's implementation:

genovate official siteThe GENOVATE Community is a platform which enables GENOVATE partners to share institutional information and case studies, and facilitates the coordination of a buddy system for bench learning.

The GENOVATE Community consist of seven GENOVATE partner institutions; the GENOVATE International Advisory Board; key strategic collaborators and stakeholders and the general public. It is a mechanism designed to facilitate meaningful knowledge exchange across the community at local, national and international levels within each of the partner institutions’ countries, across Europe and globally.

EARMA Annual Conference in Leiden, Netherlands

Please submit your topic proposals by November 3, 2014.

The European Association for Research Managers and Administrators (EARMA) is now accepting proposals for sessions or workshops to be held in the 21st Annual EARMA conference in Leiden, The Netherlands June 28 – July 1, 2015. The Annual Conference Committee (ACC) invites all those interested in research management and administration to become actively involved in the conference programme for 2015.

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Computer Science students presenting GENOVATE

A group of three first-year engineering students in Computer Science just finished their presentation of GENOVATE at the university. The audience was approximately 80 first-year students in 27 groups who interviewed our department staff at LTU about ongoing research projects.

-The interviews are part of an introductory course and an annual activity to share with students what goes on at our department on research wise. First-year students become last year students who are often engaged in the department's project work, says Håkan Jonsson, the eaminer of the course.

Innovation through participatory approach

Anita Melander Wikman, associate professor in physical therapy, gave a docent lecture August 29, 2014 at Luleå University of Technology.

She believed years ago that if research in the health care should make a difference, the co-producers concerned must be involved.
- We cannot do research on the basis of what we believe that patients need and want. Through collaboration with all stakeholders, patients, clients, staff, technicians and scientists, we can together examine what is possible. All stakeholders are important and no one can dictate terms.

Her long experience of a participatory approach means that she is a much sought-after researcher. Right now she is involved in a number of projects with many universities. In collaboration with project manager Lillemor Lundin Olsson, Umeå University, she is developing an app with a fall prevention exercise program for elderly. Read more

For  more information, contact Professor Ylva Fälhtolm

Exploring self-efficacy in end-user programming - a feminist approach

Can anybody build their own smartphone apps?

Lena Palmquist, Umea University, presented her licentiate thesis August 15, 2014 at Umeå University of Technology. Her thesis is based on the work in the SATIN project, sponsored by the EU structural funds. SATIN that is coordinated by Centre for Distance-spanning Technology (CDT) is collaboration between Lulea and Umea universities as well as IT companies. The title of her thesis is Exploring self-efficacy in end-user programming - a feminist approach. Read more

For more information, contact:

SATIN Project Coordinator Jan-Olov Johansson, LTU-CDT

SATIN Gender&Diversity Team Leader Paula Wennberg, LTU-CDT

Gender app on TV

– For us at our department, gender issues are especially important. We have few women attending our programmes and we have yet as hard to get women as teachers, says Jonas Ekman, Head of School of Computer Science at Luleå University of Technology .

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Tools for promoting gender equality

A toolbox and a gender app for gender mainstreaming shall change norms and get more women into the field of information and communication technology. – Now, we always have gender equality on the agenda on our project meetings, says Arne Gylling, project leader at Centre for distance-spanning technology, CDT.

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