GEAP's implementation:

genovate official siteThe GENOVATE Community is a platform which enables GENOVATE partners to share institutional information and case studies, and facilitates the coordination of a buddy system for bench learning.

The GENOVATE Community consist of seven GENOVATE partner institutions; the GENOVATE International Advisory Board; key strategic collaborators and stakeholders and the general public. It is a mechanism designed to facilitate meaningful knowledge exchange across the community at local, national and international levels within each of the partner institutions’ countries, across Europe and globally.

How to improve the societal relevance of technology and innovation

How to improve the societal relevance of technology and innovation

Integrating a gender perspective in research and innovation content, helps improve the scientific quality and societal relevance of the produced knowledge, technology and/or innovation. The H2020 project, OPTi, is a good example. The aim of the project is to contribute to next-generation district heating and cooling systems.

In order to strengthen the innovativeness of the project and create competitive advantage OPTi aims to mainstream a gender perspective in selected, relevant project activities e.g. decision-making, communication and user participation. The project’s ambition is to question ingrained gender roles, ways of thinking and working in order to enhance creativity and innovation. The OPTi consortium had the second face-to-face meeting in Athens on Sep. 9-11 2015.

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